Welding tables

Based on years of experience with our own metalworking, we have designed our own proprietary welding table type that meets our demanding quality requirements. Designed by experienced engineers, welders and designers of Scott Automation a.s., and after successfully verifying its practical properties in practice, we now offer this product for sale in various designs as a series under the trade name PROFI.

For those interested in buying a table, we offer the opportunity to come and see it in practice.

PROFI series welding tables - NOW FOR DISCOUNTED PRICE until 30 November 2021!

Modern welding tables designed for clamping parts during manual welding.


A solid table design with a highly stiff worktop eliminates deformation even at extreme temperatures.  A practical layout of 28 mm diameter holes provides a high variability in welding options. Adjustable legs allow you to change the height of the worktop as needed.

Surface finish

  • Legs painted, komaxite, black colour
  • The top surface has not been treated
  • All tables are available with an 8 mm stainless steel worktop.


  • Patented anti-deformation construction with high stiffness
  • High clamping variability
  • Adjustable height
professional welding table - PROFI 2400

Technical parameters and price

Table Type:PROFI 2000PROFI 2400PROFI 2900
Length:1.920 mm2.420 mm2.920 mm
Width:920 mm1.220 mm1.420 mm
Height:846 mm +/- 50 mm846 mm +/- 50 mm846 mm +/- 50 mm
Weight:430 kg710 kg960 kg
Load capacity (flat load):1.500 kg2.000 kg2.000 kg
Price of standard table
Standard price:1 990 €2 430 €2 910 €
Discounted price:1 725 €1 995 €2 570 €
Price of table in stainless steel
Standard price:2 810 €3 100 €3 670 €
Discounted price:2 530 €2 875 €3 185 €

Prices do not include VAT.

The discounted prices applicable until 30 November 2021.

Delivery date

We have most tables in stock for immediate delivery. Please contact us to check the availability of a specific type.

Terms of delivery

Delivery terms by agreement.

Accessories - NOW WITH 10% DISCOUNT UNTIL 30 NOVEMBER 2021

Bessey clamps


Price:1.785 CZK *2.625 CZK *

* Valid for minimum order of 5 pcs.
Prices do not include VAT.

Clamping angle 500x500 mm


Price 6.600 CZK without VAT (price per pair)

Extensions and holders


Clamp extensionHolder 50 mmHolder 14 mm

Price: 250 CZK without VAT550 CZK without VAT290 CZK without VAT