Robust, modular and flexible solutions for very high preparation efficiency. The goods-to-person and goods-to-robot systems are especially suited to logistics centres seeking a combination of excellent reactivity and excellent preparation quality. These compact and scalable systems can reduce the picking area significantly and its associated operating costs. The goods-to-person and goods-to-robot systems can be rolled out in several phases in a new or existing warehouse alongside other intralogistics processes.

Shuttle Advantages

Superb Storage Flexibility 

  • Totes, trays and boxes mixable in a same aisle 
  • Single- or dual-storage format, up to six deep, of shelves that can be compartmentalised into several cells 
  • System operating in ambient temperature, refrigerated and freezing environments 

System Density 

  • Compact structure: low height of tier step and inter-load differences 
  • Very high storage density that can reduce warehousing volume 

Highly Efficient Preparation 

  • High-speed aisles capable of achieving a combination of 1100 infeeds and outfeeds per hour. 
  • Ergonomic work stations for rates up to 900 order lines per hour. 

Maximum Availability 

  • Aisles divided into several isolated, secure areas so that work can continue without stopping in the adjacent areas. 
  • Control automatically takes into account maintenance work on part of the system, activations/deactivations of pick stations, etc. so that the system can continue to operate. 

Optimum Control 

  • Scheduling algorithms balancing the activity of different components and the optimum use of the system. 
  • Full supervision cockpit to visualise and control the activity. 
  • Stock image guaranteed by different inventory logics. 
  • Automatic adaptation to changes in the rotation class of items.