Multi-line palletising system for cases of potato products

Two high capacity Scott palletisers are palletising the flow coming from out of 16 production lines. Loaded pallets are evacuated to a fully automatic truck loading system.


Project layout



Carton boxes with french fries


4 different sizes, 5 and 15 kg


60 pallets per hour / palletiser (2 palletisers)


EURO 1.200x800 mm, Industry 1.200x1.000 mm


24/24 hours, 7 days a week
  • Overview

  • On this installation, we collect cartons coming from 6 case packers on 3 accumulation tables.
  • When the pallet volume is buffered on the table, we send the boxes to the palletiser (PL 8300, high capacity machine)
  • The empty pallets are destacked and go through a pallet check station.
  • After palletising, we wrap the pallet. 
  • After wrapping, the pallet gets a label.
  • Then the pallet goes to the freezer and there is a pallet contour check - the control that is measuring the pallet dimensions. If the pallet is out of dimensions, it is rejected.
  • If the pallet is ok, it is conveyed to the automatic truck loading.