Europe’s leading Private Label Cereal manufacturer chooses Scott Europe for multi-million multi-phase expansion project

Scott have been busy over the last 4 years working in close collaboration with a large Cereal and Cereal bar manufacturer in Northern France.


  • Overview

Initially asked to assist the site in connecting the existing full pallet output of 12 productions lines to new pallet wrapping and labelling equipment, automatic full load pallet buffering and fully automated trailer loading system. Scott delivered a flexible pallet conveying system ensuring complete integration with new and existing equipment. As a private label producer, the variety of pallets and load styles meant that Euros, Industrial and “Dusseldorf” display pallets had to be handled, double de-stacked, individually wrapped & labelled and re-stacked as dictated by the end Market.

Further work was then carried to address issues with existing robot palletising efficiencies, with a system for empty pallet receiving, checking and re-stacking, thus delivering perfect pallet stacks to each existing production line. The operators were delighted to see a 15% improvement in line outputs, and a lot less manual re-stacking!

Further developments included the replacement of some robotic palletising and the integration of two latest generation Alvey 8000 model layers palletisers for two new very high speed carton production lines.

Each stage of the project incorporated Scott’s Maestro internal software systems for production data collection & verification, pallet factory to handle all logistic pallet data, and Warehouse Control Software. This monitors all production and customer orders, quality checks and ensures track and traceability throughout the supply chain.

With an investment of this size, close collaboration between all partners was critical in ensuring success at each step. Scott’s experience, project managements skills, in house software teams and extensive own manufactured product portfolio made it the ideal partner for this forward thinking and dynamic food manufacturer.

The factory output has been increased to in excess of 90 pallets per hour without a single fork truck or human intervention.

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