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2017/02: Masters in automation services

More than 50 years ago Alvey began to build its knowledge in the world of palletizing and logistic processes. Nowadays Alvey is an established name on the market and a reliable partner to help you realize your new projects.   

But, is that enough? How would you feel if you have the best car on the market but no service point, you don’t know how to get your spare parts, and you have nobody to ask for advice?  

The goal of Alvey’s Services Department is to keep you relaxed and let you focus on the management of your production lines without worrying about the working of the logistic and palletizing installation.

Don’t worry! At Alvey, we take care of your installation!

The Alvey’s Services Team is composed of 40 highly trained and experienced staff (technicians, sales engineers, controls engineers, administrative collaborators) based in our multiple locations in Europe (Belgium, France, United Kingdom and Czech Republic). This team has one goal: to support you - 24 hours a day, all year round - to keep your production equipment running properly and to help you in case of problems. We make this possible thanks to our Hotline system. 

Research has shown that preventive maintenance - as opposed to reactive maintenance - is the best way to reduce overall costs. Preventive maintenance carries inherently a lower cost in itself, but it also reduces or prevents costly unscheduled downtime of your production. The Alvey team can advise you on preventive maintenance through inspections, or carry it out on your behalf.

continuous improvementThe world is constantly changing and improving. Whilst Alvey installations may run during decades, your business is very likely to change during this period and so does the industry. Thus, we can upgrade your installation with new PLC software versions, better and more user-friendly touch panels, adapt sensitive parts of installation to current safety norms, improve speeds, make adaptions to the layout or move parts or whole installations to a new location.

The Alvey service team does not work in isolation. For us, it is of utmost importance to understand your needs and we need your valuable experience with the installation. We can only achieve this by listening to you, our customer.

In addition, the Service team works closely with the engineering departments of Alvey, ensuring that what we do for you is state of the art. Last but not least, we work very closely with our suppliers.

Alvey participates frequently in major Trade Exhibitions. You're obviously very welcome to visit us there. In addition, our facilities in Deerlijk (Belgium) and Podivín (Czech Republic) are always open for you. Just give us a call and we'll show you around.

Renaud Vanrysselberghe
Director Services

For more information, do not hesitate to contact our Service team

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