Wrapper reliability is of critical value in your production

Wrapper reliability is of critical value in your production.


2014/05: About pallet wrappers

Maarten van LeeuwenAs you know, at Alvey we do many paletising projects. Such projects invariably include wrappers, to wrap the pallet for stability and hygiene purposes. There are a number of business models we can apply:

  • We can buy the wrapper and deliver and install it;
  • The customer can buy it, and we calculate an integration fee;
  • The customer buys it and handles everything.

All these variants have pros and cons and it is not possible to decide which is best without understanding the detailed circumstances.

Another question is of course WHICH wrapper. This depends on many factors such as:

  • The throughput (how many pallets per hour need to be wrapped)
  • Whether or not a top sheet needs to be applied
  • How much operator intervention is acceptable to the customer – film can be automatically changed or this can be done manually
  • How important it is to have a smooth surface after wrapper (meaning the tail end is neatly tucked away) – this is very important if the pallets are stored in an automated warehouse
  • The budget of the customer

The budget is very often an issue, not because wrappers are expensive, but because typically this is one of the very last things in a project that the customer will buy, and by that time the budget is very tight due to cost overruns on the process equipment, the filling and packaging machines – and the palletising project!

There are many brands in the market, and many of them are good on a technical level. However, service is very important and not all brands are capable of giving reliable and quality service throughout Europe.

At Alvey, we work with any brand that the customer might prefer, but we recommend Haloila. Why?

This has primarily to do with project risk. Although a wrapper MIGHT seem a mundane product, it is a potential single point of failure if it is, for instance, not delivered on time or if it is not working properly and we cannot get technicians on site and quickly. We know the people from Haloila well, they deliver on time and respond quickly if there are issues. In addition, Haloila can guarantee this service no matter where the project is, and as stated before this is not the case for all suppliers.

Another important factor is cost of ownership. For wrappers, an important factor is of course consumption of film. Consumption of film per pallet depends on the number of wraps and the level at which the film can be stretched (without constantly breaking). With Haloila, we believe that they achieve good results with this so although their product is not cheap, the machines are very reliable and cost of ownership tends to be low over the long run.

Alvey Manex are agents for Haloila in the Czech Republic, so we also have a selfish reason to recommend them.

We do not say that Haloila are the best. This is something we simply do not know. As stated, there are many very good companies making excellent wrappers with an excellent service AND low cost of ownership I am sure.

We recommend Haloila because we know them and trust them and this makes for efficient projects with reduced risks for us AND for the customer. And we know that the customer will be satisfied. Basically, we recommend Haloila because for us, it is better to work with the devil we know…

    Maarten van Leeuwen
    Group Managing Director

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    Wrapper reliability is of critical value in your production

    Wrapper reliability is of critical value in your production.