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Besides safety and health, is well-being worked on in your company?

Besides safety and health, is well-being worked on in your company?


2014/04: Our policy on health and safety

Maarten van LeeuwenWithin Alvey, health, safety and well-being are our top priorities. Although it is easy to state this, these are not idle words and Management constantly focuses on these topics despite all the other external and internal financial, operational and commercial pressures. Here are examples of what we do:

  1. Safety. Among the three – health, safety and well-being – SAFETY has to take priority. What do we do about this? First and foremost, it is key that all employees are TRAINED in this area so that they know what is safe and what is unsafe. In order to achieve this, all employees (other than purely administrative) are VCA certified in Belgium, and we provide similar training in the Czech Republic. In addition, an experienced counterpart is assigned to all new employees who will guide and supervise the new employee in all respects, with a focus on safety. This is a legal requirement in Belgium, and a voluntary measure in the Czech Republic. We obviously provide workers with all requisite safety tools – which is consistent with the law and easy - and constantly supervise that these are used by all workers at all time – and this is not so easy. Safety is the first topic of the agenda of ALL management meetings. Safety is also a topic for all general employee meetings, where the Managing Directors at each occasion reiterate that safety IS our prime concern for which in particular its’ biggest enemy – time – can NEVER be traded.
  2. Health and well-being largely go together as far as we see our duties. Well being starts with RESPECT for all team members no matter what their function is. We do not have unimportant tasks – from cleaning to engineering – all are essential to provide our customers with the quality products they reserve. Obviously, we are an equal opportunity employer irrespective of nationality or ethnic background, age, sex, or sexual preference. We have room for employees with reduced abilities, for whom we try to do the utmost in terms of building access and where needed reduced working hours.
    We would LOVE to have much more women in our organisation than we currently have. We are, however, a technical company and the truth is that very few women choose technical education, as a result of which the vast majority of the few female employees work in an administrative capacity. Here, we are truly dependent on policy makers at a national or EU level.
  3. We endeavour to create an environment of confidence and trust, and we promote open and frank dialogues among employees and between employees and management. We address each other by our first names. Employees have a large level of independence where the management is by objectives.

Maarten van Leeuwen
Group Managing Director

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Besides safety and health, is well-being worked on in your company?

Besides safety and health, is well-being worked on in your company?




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